Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Okay, so no picture update, but the second four Scavvies have joined the first.

Aside from that March has been a slow... to no painting month.

On the upside;

in BMG penguin and company narrowly edged out Green Arrow, Roy, Helena and some cops,
I nearly pulled off my first ever WFB win. We ran out of time, but I may have had the upper hand,
I snatched a draw from the jaws of defeat in the Bolt Action scenario Demolitions and
kept my recent stonking run of Malifaux wins on track.

Hobby wise I've constructed some futuristic, Sci-Fi MDF buildings. Pictures will follow. 

Seriously, they will.

Friday, 6 March 2015

The month that time forgot

Oops, I did it again. However it was a busy February.

BMG Batman/Huntress, etc. spanked Ivy and Penguin.
Blood Angels sucked to Tau in a 12-3 desperate fail mission.
Zombicide Prison Break
Blood Angels pushed Astra Militarum into a 9-2 loss.
Zombicide solo Toxic Maul mauling...
WoC battled against DE, eventually sliding to a miserable defeat
Zombicide group Toxic-ish Mall bash
Blood Angels gutted by loss to Orks 11-3, ouch.

So a mixed bag there, but the highlight was a Chainsaw Warrior win!

Rolled medium Endurance. Got Endurance bonus at start.
Strong Marksmanship and Reflexes.
Poor HtH and Wounds.

Blaster, Lock Pick, Chainsaw and Torch. (Poorly equipped, but best Close Combat weapon...)

Busy house during the trip through House Deck I. Seventh from last card came out as Chasm, and with no rope or Climbing, I had to retreat rolling 2&6, so I start House Deck II, but only after suffering Trap - Magnetic Field which switched off the Torch, the Chainsaw and the Laser Lance... and the eighth, top card in Deck II is... Darkness.

Cue two wounds, but out the house I recover 6 wounds. And re supply Radiation Suit, Helmet, Steel Gloves, U.V. Emitter and CATS scope to add to the Implosion Vest found in a second Dump. The first, yielded a Spare Clip for the shockingly bad Blaster. The Radiation Suit provided some moral support, but the real problem was Time.

First, I had to survive until the Magnetic damage worked off, at Night Time. Leaving the house had killed 3 minutes, but staggering around the building without the Chainsaw, saw me relying on the crap Gun and the Steel Gloves. The Emitter kept things rumbling on and a Secret Passage Way promised the possibility of Missing Darkness, so I had to cut it short at my first Room Encounter, then I met the Meat Machine! Horror. And that time was slipping away.

At the bottom of the twelfth, four Rads from my limit and my wounds down to 6, my main enemy was time! Room after room was Zombie! And then in 57:30 I opened a Room door to Darkness!
Reflexes check, 8 from 9
Raise the Laser Lance with 1 shot left
Roll a 10 +2 (Marksmanship)

And Darkness is hit by a shot from the Laser Lance !

So, hopefully, I can get the ball rolling again. The second four Scavvies are almost finished with just some skin highlights to go. More in the next couple of days, honest :-)

Friday, 13 February 2015

Where did tomorrow go?

Ouch, I missed a bit there. Not painting, well I missed that too, but keeping up my practice of posting up happenings.
First up the game of Batman Miniature Game. Yup it happened. Penguin, Poison Ivy and a bunch of his goons took to the streets of Gotham.

And found those streets being defended by The Batman, Nightwing, Huntress and some cops. The forces of law came off embarrassingly better, but that was due to woeful deployment of my objectives and then poor deployment of my characters. I was hard put to score any victory points and had to contend with The Batman, to boot.
Jamie and I have played between 5 and 10 games of this so far and my ratio of (sometimes dodgy) wins has been respectable, but apart from meeting The Arrow once (where I came off better using a Goon Horde), I'd never faced Batters.
Now, I know better. The Batman is a beast. Batman creamed some of my goons and his intervention meant that a wounded Huntress could stun Ivy. She was hauled back to Arkham faster than you can say lickety split.

For reasons known only to *work* and *time* my painting took a back seat. I'll have to remedy that.

In the meantime, I've played a couple of games of Zombicide.

Last but not least, I promised myself a few purchases from Warlord Games (Bolt Action) at Christmas time and in the run up to placing the order, I rarely do anything hasty, I turned my attention to my US Army. Half my Yanks had been assembled and undercoated, well over a year ago and it was time to get them reinforced.

So the others got onto the table and I now have the Infantry all built.

Next up, the basing and undercoating and after that it is their vehicles...

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Murder on the Dance Floor

but you better not break the groove...

Ooo Kay. It has all got a wee bit busy. First up, I've got a wee game of Batman Miniature Game tomorrow, so Penguin Titan thug, two mooks and Felicity B have jumped in for a wee black undercoat. Next up, I've modeled my new recruits. On the extreme left (with the Green base) and the Tinboy next to him, front Middleman and the guy to Felicity's right, are the four new Scavvies.

Only, Mr Middleman will be the new representation of Cess. He has a wasted right arm and now has Handbow duties. For the others, it is Stub pistols, except for Green base, who has a Bolt Pistol. Bolt weaponry is too common in Confrontation.

After that, I Green Stuffed their bases and as you do, I mixed up to much Stuff, so I revisited some lovely Oldhammer Daemonettes of Slaanesh, who needed a stuffing.

So it is all happening.

For the original gang, I painted their boils with Red Glaze, put a centre spot of Titillating Pink on each mound and the used Blood Red on every second spot to make the peaks look angry and sore. In addition, I played with drybrushing Ryza Rust across the weaponry.

More fun'n'games tomorrow.

btw the Scallies have been Green Stuffed to the bases. These guys aren't an option for Confrontation Scavvies, but are the close combat enforcers in a Necromunda Scavvy gang. There's no better time to get these monsters on the painting table.

On Wednesday, the Pit Kings had a swift run out at the http://z13.invisionfree.com/HamiltonHowlers/index.php? club and the Forum has a dedicated Confrontation section. There were no photos taken as my opponent had proxies for his gangers and my guys are not yet finished. http://z13.invisionfree.com/HamiltonHowlers/index.php?showforum=33 There is a narrative report, but as you'll read, poor Cess didn't make it through unscathed.

The long and short of it is that I had the chance to do that vital post game (interphase) recruitment. With no cash, trading was out the question, but I rolled up the offer of a Heavy Bolter and a Heavy Stubber... Dream on. More importantly, I didn't roll a double. Ammo horde or catastrophic wound. I manged to inspire four further raw recruits, despite the Prestige loss from the lost game.

Four raw recruits, I.E. four new scavvies required...

Skin Work again

They were too yellow. I felt. So 50/50 Kommando Khaki/White light brush work ensued.

The warm tone of the yellow still shines through. As I'd hoped.

These guys don't look so different from before the wash. But they are.

I really do need to do that pustule work.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Skin work

I'm a few posts behind so this will be a bit of a catch up. On the 18th, I prepared a mix of 990uL Yellow Ink and 10uL Flesh Wash. Adding any more Flesh wash results in ... Flesh Wash.

I painted this over all the exposed skin on the Scavvies and left it to dry. David said they looked like they were jaundiced.

Bang on, but too Yellow. So I gave them a watered down treatment with Flesh Wash. Citadel Colour's Flesh Wash doesn't behave like Citadel Washes's Ogryn Flesh or Devlan Mud which doesn't behave like Citadel Shade's Agrax Earthshade. It is a long story. the upshot is that I applied small amounts of the Flesh Wash into recesses and then used a water-wet brush to tease the stain to where I needed it to go. Where the fluid pooled too much I used another brush to absorb any excess.

And this is the result. So where next?

#1 Their first game proper at Hamilton Howlers.

After that; picking out the boils, highlighting the bandages, rust on the weapons and settling the colour on the bases.

However it looks like they've got a couple of friends in the background!